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6 reasons to turn to PIXEL Service Center for iPhone fixing

  • ремонт телефонов с гарантией
    We give up to 365 days warranty on our services.
    We give warranties on our services, because we care about our professional reputation.
  • ремонт телефонов за 60 минут
    We fix your gadget in one hour.
    Our craftsmen are experienced, our equipment is professional - so we can afford very fast and qualified service.
  • ремонт телефонов, опытные мастера
    We work in Almaty since 2013.
    We have 10-year experience in providing different gadget services, we are professionals.
  • ремонт телефонов, бесплатная диагностика
    Free diagnostics
    We do not charge for the diagnostics of your device, even if you decide not to repair it.
  • центр ремонта телефонов
    Partner network
    Other repair centers trust us. Every day other service centers turn to us for help, which indicates a high level of our professionalism.
  • ремонт телефонов хорошие отзывы
    Only good reviews
    Check out our reviews on Google, Yandex and 2Gis maps and see if people are happy with our service.

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Iphone repair in Almaty

Modern mobile devices have moved to a completely different technological level: they have become smaller, more functional and more productive. A striking example of this is Apple's main brainchild, the iPhone, which has held the top position in the rating of cell phones for several years now. However, even gadgets of such level are prone to breakdowns, caused by both natural factors and careless actions of the user.

Our workshop offers a range of services for repairing iPhone in Almaty. Our craftsmen will perform work of any complexity, regardless of the nature of the breakage. Extensive experience, specialized equipment and our own stock of spare parts allows you to repair as quickly as possible.

The most important thing is to immediately ask for help from qualified masters. High-tech iPhone is not the device, the malfunction of which can be fixed by your own hands. Any attempt to tamper with the structure of the internal components of the device can lead to serious malfunctions.

How do we perform iPhone repair in Almaty?

Replacing the battery, fixing the charging module or even a simple re-flashing always begins with the diagnosis of the device. This is the most important stage of repair, where we determine the further plan of action. Most often the procedure looks as follows:

  • The device is completely disassembled so that the master has access to the location of the breakage. Even if you have a broken glass camera or screen, it will require a complete disassembly of the device to remove all the fragments that could get inside.
  • Repair work is performed. For example, iPhone camera repair or battery replacement is done.
  • The device is assembled. After that, the master will check the operability of your iPhone.

We can repair the iPhone screen, replace the glass, as well as apply for re-flashing the phone. Also, we are often contacted by users who have forgotten iCloud or the lock code.

Why trust us?

We perform Iphone repair at adequate price. Customers choose our workshop for a number of reasons:

  • High quality. We work with only qualified masters who have extensive experience.
  • Efficiency. We perform iPhone repair in the shortest possible time.
  • Professional consultation. We answer all questions regarding the maintenance of the device.
  • Reasonable prices. We offer very adequate price among competitors.

You can leave a request for iPhone repair in Almaty on our website, as well as by contacting by phone.

We repair all iPhone models, but you can choose yours for details

Didn't find your model? No problem!
We repair all iPhone models, just click on the button for your model's repair details.

Common iPhone breakdowns repaired by our Service Center

Разбитое стекло дисплея iPhone
If there is a spider web on the glass, but the image and the sensor are not affected, the glass is changed. In other cases - the display.
One of the most popular breakdowns. Replacing the display is not a complicated procedure, but it is very important. Since the cost of the display module is often half the cost of the phone.
Doubting whether to change the battery or not? Just look in the settings! If the battery status is below 80% - definitely change it).
You can replace the back glass in 2 ways - with or without disassembling the device. But our experts recommend to always choose the first option, because in this case the device is completely cleaned of fragments.
Айфон не заряжается
The device is not charging
This can be caused by the charging jack, the charging cable, the battery pack, or a fault in the motherboard (most often the power controller).
В телефон попала вода
Liquid inflowing the device
It is very important not to delay and as early as possible to contact the Service Center to clean the device and prevent corrosion.
Не слышно собеседника
Can't hear the person you are talking to
Usually the problem is solved by cleaning the speaker grid, but sometimes you have to change the
speaker itself, or even rebuild the motherboard.
Нет сети iPhone
Network is not working on your phone
Network repair usually requires a serious intervention at the component level. Our specialists handle this
task without much trouble.
Не работает камера Айфон
The camera is not working
The camera does not turn on, spots, flashes, no focus - in all these cases you need to replace the camera. If there are no problems with the camera, but the glass is broken, you can replace the camera glass separately.

How do I know if my iPhone needs repair?

Most users associate iPhone with high quality and stable operation. Such gadgets should work without any problems even after several years of use. The following factors may be a reason to contact the service center:

  • Looseness of the buttons or charging module. A typical problem of most mobile devices, which manifests itself due to too rough handling of the gadget.
  • Spontaneous shutdown or rebooting of the iPhone. Along with this, there may be other signs of incorrect software operation.
  • Too rapid loss of battery charge. Most often occurs due to natural wear and tear of the battery, less often - due to a serious hardware failure.
  • Bloating of the screen or back cover. There may be several reasons for this, but one thing is certain - you should not use the gadget further.
  • iPhone does not charge. The reason may be a faulty charging module.
  • Loss of sound. In most cases, this is caused by moisture inside the equipment.
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