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6 reasons to turn to PIXEL Service Center

  • ремонт телефонов с гарантией
    We give up to 365 days warranty on our services.
    We give warranties on our services, because we care about our professional reputation.
  • ремонт телефонов за 60 минут
    We fix your gadget in one hour.
    Our craftsmen are experienced, our equipment is professional - so we can afford very fast and qualified service.
  • ремонт телефонов, опытные мастера
    We work in Almaty since 2013.
    We have 10-year experience in providing different gadget services, we are professionals.
  • ремонт телефонов, бесплатная диагностика
    Free diagnostics
    We do not charge for the diagnostics of your device, even if you decide not to repair it.
  • центр ремонта телефонов
    Partner network
    Other repair centers trust us. Every day other service centers turn to us for help, which indicates a high level of our professionalism.
  • ремонт телефонов хорошие отзывы
    Only good reviews
    Check out our reviews on Google, Yandex and 2Gis maps and see if people are happy with our service.

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Ремонт телефонов в Алматы
Ремонт техники Apple в Алматы
One the most popular brand among the residents of Almaty, and the favorite brand of Pixel Service Center craftsmen.
Samsung have an excellent support, which allows you to always have spare parts in stock.
Ремонт телефонов Xiaomi в Алматы
Xiaomi products are very popular due to an excellent money and quality value
Ремонт телефонов Huawei в Алматы
Used to be one of the most popular brands, but there is still demand for repair.
Ремонт телефонов в Алматы
Ремонт техники Apple в Алматы
Oppo phones - are one of market leaders, because of a perfect combination of price and quality
We are one of the few Service Centers in Almaty, which repairs phones Google.
Other techs repair
Ремонт iPad в Алматы
We have everything for professional tablet repair
ремонт Apple Watch Алматы
Replacement of LCD glass, display, power battery. Repair of power board, sensor ribbon
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Phone repair service in Almaty

Smartphone is a modern gadget that combines a huge functionality, thus replacing the camera, watch and even the payment system. However, the device tends to break, which makes it difficult to use the smartphone in the future. In such cases, you should perform repair of mobile phones to quickly restore
the functionality of technology and always be in touch.

Self-repair device - not the best option, unless, of course, it is a banal failure in the system, solved by rebooting the gadget. Timely referral to the service center allows you to immediately identify the cause of the damage, and in the shortest time to fix the problem.

Widespread phone breakages
Mobile phone is the easiest and most popular technology that everyone has. However, the owner of the device can not always understand what exactly the failure occurred with the device. But there are the most common malfunctions of smartphones, which will be able to determine even the most inexperienced users.

Among the most common malfunctions are:

  • Broken charging port. In such situations, the phone does not charge or the charging is unstable. The most visible causes of poor performance indicates a loose port or its loss. However, in some cases, there may be no visible damage, and then you should make a diagnosis.
  • Speaker failure. The malfunctioning of the speaker is noticed immediately, and the obvious signs of breakdown are impaired sound quality and playback. This occurs due to dirt or water in the part, as well as due to power surges when charging the technique.
  • Broken display. This problem is visible to the naked eye. The phone display can be broken because of the fall of the gadget or careless use. Damaged glass is still half the trouble, but if you hurt the internal elements, the screen can stop working, and you will need to replace it.
  • Liquid inflowing into the device. Liquid can easily and quickly get into the unprotected openings of the gadget. If the appropriate measures are not taken in time, there is a risk of corrosion, short circuit or breakage of expensive electronic components. Therefore, it is worth to contact the service as soon as possible.

It should also be noted that frequent problems are malfunction of the device OS, damage to the exterior of the smartphone, inoperable network or its complete absence, failure of the camera (does not take pictures, does not display the object on the screen, etc.). These problems must be solved promptly, without delaying the process.

Resort to the help of a specialist should be promptly, as soon as any problems were noted. It is especially important to take seriously the malfunction of the gadget in the case when the device regularly overheats, quickly runs down battery and there are unwarranted crashes in the system. Untimely treatment or "self-treatment" of equipment can lead to disastrous consequences up to complete failure without possibility of recovery.

What kinds of services are provided by the Service Center "Pixel"

PIXEL carries out repair of phones in Almaty of the various brands, irrespective of complexity of a case and a kind of breakage. As much as possible qualitatively and operatively we carry out repair work, diagnostics, and also we develop individual strategy of the decision of a malfunction by restoration of a detail or its replacement.


Common malfunctions we easily can fix

Разбитое стекло дисплея iPhone
Display/glass breakage
If there is a breakage but the picture Is clearly seen, then we replace the glass, otherwise we replace the display
Айфон не заряжается
The device is not charging
This can be caused by the charging jack, the charging cable, the battery pack, or a fault in the motherboard (most often the power controller).
В телефон попала вода
Liquid inflowing the device
It is very important not to delay and as early as possible to contact the Service Center to clean the device and prevent corrosion.
Не слышно собеседника
Can't hear the person you are talking to
Usually the problem is solved by cleaning the speaker grid, but sometimes you have to change the
speaker itself, or even rebuild the motherboard.
Нет сети iPhone
Network is not working on your phone
Network repair usually requires a serious intervention at the component level. Our specialists handle this
task without much trouble.
Не работает камера Айфон
The camera is not working
The camera does not turn on, spots, flashes, no focus - in all these cases you need to replace the camera. If there are no problems with the camera, but the glass is broken, you can replace the camera glass separately.

What kind of repair work we specialize in

We repair smartphones Almaty of the following types:

  • Reflashing.
  • Re-soldering.
  • Replacing parts for new ones.
  • Repair by programmer.
  • Processing with special solutions.
  • Updating software.
  • Preventive cleaning from dirt/moisture.

Stages of repair

The key stages of repair are a preliminary inspection of the device and diagnostics. This is necessary to identify the causes of the breakdown. Also, the phone repair master determines the type of work for effective and quality repair, selects the necessary spare parts. The final action is to check the device for stable operation.

If you are looking for phone repair at adequate price, then you've come to the right place.

Pixel device repair center in Almaty carried out by experienced and highly qualified professionals. We also have a modest equipment and tools, allowing the most accurate determination of faults and to make reliable repair of your device.

With us you can repair your smartphones:

  • iPhone
  • Samsung
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei
  • Oppo

And if the brand of your gadget is not on the list, you can fill out a feedback form on the website with the details about your device. We will consider the request and contact you shortly.

Our prices are formed based on the price of the spare part and the work of the master. You should also take into consideration that the cost of services is unstable due to the volatility of the dollar exchange

rate. Therefore it is necessary to clarify the prices with our employees. Address, phone number and office hours are listed on the platform. Call us!

Our contacts:
+7 (700) 323-03-53
Almaty, Shevchenko str, building 162a (crossing Baizakova)

Everyday 11 am - 8 pm
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